by Jenstar and her Aura

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JAHA MEDITATE invites you to slow down and breathe deep. This gentle series of guided meditations combined with beautiful, atmospheric synthesizer welcomes you on a journey back to center, vertical alignment, and total relaxation.

JAHA MEDITATE supports this relaxation by utilizing binaural beat frequencies which entrain the brainwaves to slow down. For this recording, a specific progression of binaural beats were composed to lead the listener on a brainwave journey thru alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states. These frequencies are sub-audio, and are most effectively experienced with headphones/earbuds.

"...As a gifted sound healer, JAHA collaborates with the natural frequencies of the human body, weaving them with the deep vibrations of earth elements all while channeling the greater galactic rhythm of harmony and light with her voice.

JAHA:MEDITATE is the opening ceremony of this artist's recorded projects. A visionaries progression of high art: performance to low art: installations. Experience these timeless pieces that are anchored down during an industry transition - when music serves to heal and the voice is medicine." - Missy La Guardia, Flower Essence Alchemist


released September 29, 2013

Jaha: guided meditations, vocal toning/singing, intentions.
Micah Bontraeger; synthesizer, end ohms (track 6).
Reed Fuchs: end ohms (track 6).

Recorded with Reed Fuchs and Moon Magnet Studios at my cabin in the Colorado Rockies on June 26, 2013.

Mixed and mastered by Reed Fuchs/Moon Magnet Studios.
Photos by Reed Fuchs, graphic design by Derrick Bozich.

thank you guides, guardians, allies, devas, elementals, land spirits of colorado, waters of the west, friction and fire of the south, and my winged friends and breath of the east, ether, the sun, the moon, and the stars.

thank you to my beloved alice and abra.
thank you erin, lauren, shayne, niko t, niko e, sean, missy, and derrick.
thank you magical circles, thank you indiegogo supporters.

a gracious thank you to micah and reed for showing up to co-create this with your enthusiasm, your positivity, and your belief in what I do.

i dedicate this to the shining light and love inside of each of us.
may we all express the fullness of our potential, and live our hearts true purpose.
with gratitude and so much love,
i bow to you,
blessed be.



all rights reserved


Jenstar and her Aura Colorado

JAHA is a vocal sound healer, priestess, and performer. As a vessel for healing sounds to work thru, JAHA serves as a guide to inspire self healing, self love, and self acceptance. JAHA sings to serve the highest good of all.

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Track Name: Welcome Breath to Center
let's begin by taking a nice looooong deep breath, in thru the nose, and out thru the mouth, taking in a breath that's longer than yr used to. and as you exhale, exhale with an audible sigh, and as you inahle, feel your chest and yr lungs expand into your back, lift your shoulders, and as you exhale, make an audible sigh of relief, and let alll the air go, the shoulders drop, the lungs relax.

continue to breathe into every area of the body, and with each exhale, settle into whereever you are seated, or lying down, inhale and release the breath sinking even deeper into the cushions or chair or floor beneath you.

inhale and breathe into your face, and as you exhale, release any tension in the forehead, the eyelids the cheeks let your mouth soften, let it all go.
breathe into yr shoulders, yr back yr ribcage and belly, yr hips, yr legs, yr ankles, yr feet.

now take one long inhale and as you exhale relax your whole body, let your body sigh, release and let go.

breathing from here, your center, in the present moment of you right now, in this glorious physical body, continue to breathe as we begin the process of grounding and vertically aligning between earth and sky.
Track Name: Vertical Alignment
in drawing on earth energy, we allow for the earth to support us, to hold and nurture us.by grounding we tap into the abundant and limitless resource that is the earth. by learning and practicing grounding, we access energy that is always available to us, instead of drawing on and depleting all of our own reserves.

while learning to ground, it can deepen your sensation of connecting with earth energy by standing for this exercise. seated or standing is fine though.

we return to the breath, and as you exhale bring your attention to your feet planted firmly on the earth. feel the weight of gravity as the earth holds you.

imagine the soles of your feet opening up as earth energy begins to rise up from beneath you. fresh blades of green grass grow up towards you, and begin to pass thru the soles of your feet.
as the grass rises upwards, it is followed by tender roots, and rich fertile soil. allow the slow moving ascension of earth energy to rise up thru your feet, your legs, the roots twining in a spiral around your bones, your tendons, the grasses weaving themselves up and around your calves, your thighs, you can smell the richness of the soil as it rises up the legs to meet your hips, the base of your tailbone, your root.

green earth energy passes upwards thru your tailbone, rising up thru your sexual center.
see, smell and feel the green of earth energy filling your insides, penetrating your organs, bringing fresh oxygen into your blood, replenishing your cells,
activating, nourishing, feeding your entire being with earth energy.

the grass, the roots, and the soil continue to rise upwards, filling the space behind your ribcage, up into your chest, encircling your heart in a soft grassy green embrace. the earth energy pauses to make a soft little nest for your heart to rest upon and be held and nourished by. and out of this nest bloom beautiful soft smelling flowers that reach up towards your neck and grow within and without, creating a necklace of vibrant flowers all around your neck and even growing up into your hair.

the earth energy flows down your arms, the roots twining themselves around your bones, the grasses weaving around your forearms, down to your wrists, soil falling out through your finger tips.
the earth energy continues to rise up your neck, and penetrates your brain, your sinuses, green grass and tender roots and fertile soil filling your head with earth energy, calming and soothing the mind, grounding your thoughts, your awareness connected to the earth beneath you.

the earth is within you, as you too are within the earths embrace.

as that earth energy swirls and continues to rise slowly in your head, the top of your skull opens up on a hinge, and out of the crown of your head reaches a beautiful pair of antlers, majestic and regal, and these antlers reach upwards towards the heavens, and you feel the sun on your antlers as they rise, up up up, passing thru blue sky, clouds, layers of the atmosphere, until they reach the velvety rich blackness of space, and above your antlers, you see a particular constellation of stars, and your antlers reach towards it, and you realize this constellation matches the configuration of your antler tips. and as the antler tips make contact with the stars, a jolt of light flashes downwards, thru the antlers, all the way back down thru the crown of your skull, and this light flashes through you down thru your brain, your neck, your spine, your arms, your back, your organs, your cells, your legs, your feet, all the way down into the earth beneath you. this light flashes so fast, it's instantaneous, a whoosh of light that passes through every layer of your being, illuminating any areas of stuckness stagnancy or imbalance. and you stand now rooted in the earth, connected to the stars in the sky, standing tall now. vertical. pulled upwards, rooted downwards. here in your vertical alignment, energy can flow in it's rhythm of ascent and descent up and down the chakras, in a spiral of flow that allows you to be in your unique vibration, in your own perfect balance.

take a deep breath in and allow for your antlers to return to you now. offer your gratitude to the stars, say thank you for the light, continue to breathe deeply as the crown closes.
bring your attention back into your physical body, offer your gratitude to the earth…
feel now your vertical alignment, connected between earth and sky.
Track Name: Cords of Attachment
to truly come into vertical alignment, we must clear our cords of attachment.
cords of attachment happen all the time, when we react to something, when we emotionally engage with another person, we also plug into positive emotions as well.
we do not realize how we attach to people, places, emotions, thoughts, and we are not aware of how others or our environment may attach to us.
over time these cords create a drain on our energy, our vitality, and we need to detach and release these cords in order to fully align with our truth and our highest good.

so let's begin.
imagine now, there are cords connected to you running out from you in every direction.
imagine these energy cords being plugged into a person, a place, an emotion, a thoughts, in the past, present and future. you may not even have a specific idea of what these cords are plugged into, but with your imagination and your intention, call your energy home: unplug these cords.
pull them out from whereever they are with force, use sound even to feel the sensation of unplugging.
like a retractable cord on a vacuum, your cords zips right back to you.
offer your gratitude and love to this cord, and ask for forgiveness from whereever the cord was plugged into, for our cord not only drains us but also whomever or whatever we were plugged into.
you may even gently touch all the areas on your body you imagine these cords returning to. maybe a cord was sent out from your right shoulder, your left knee, an elbow.
simply acknowledge the return of your energetic cord.

now we also need to release the cords of attachment that have plugged into us.
imagine taking hold of these plugs all over you, and pull them out, or maybe it's like peeling off a sticky tentacle. maybe it's just one big cord, and with all your might, you pull it out of you...
with sound and movement, imagine sending these cords away from you, sending them back to where they came from with forgiveness, love and gratitude.
this is important because we want to release the cords energetic hold on both ends.
with integrity we offer the intention for these cords be transformed with love to a higher vibration that will serve all.

take a deep breath here now, sit or stand up tall, feel the sensation of being cleared of cords of attachment.
practice this any time, when you feel triggered, or reactive, sensitive, emotionally engaged to someone or something, release and unplug.
come back to center with your breath, draw on the earth energy, and let the light of the cosmos clear you of all that does not serve your alignment and your well being.
even if you dont experience a miraculous shift at that moment, continue to practice, and you will learn to discern when you are being pulled horizontally, when you are not vertical in your alignment. it takes time and patience. this is work that will support and activate clear boundaries.

may you experiment with these meditations and exercises, and make them all your own. these are practices that have served me for many years, and have laid the foundation for deeper magical and spiritual work. blessings to you and your true alignment.
Track Name: Follow the Breath/How-To
now that you are centered, grounded, and vertically aligned, lets settle in and quiet the mind, come to stillness, and follow the breath.

first i will offer you directions, and then you will hear the ringing of a bell that will signal the start of the basic breath meditation.

the purpose of this simple technique is to make the practice of meditation easy, accessible.
training the mind to be still is a lifetime pursuit.
start today with 5 minutes of silent meditation, and as you develop your concentration and focus, you can increase the time in small increments.
change and transformation happens in small shifts, small adjustments to our regular routines and daily practices.

please get comfortable either seated or lying down.
begin to take a few deep cleansing breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, exhaling audibly, releasing any tension int he body.
after a few of these breaths, close the mouth, and begin to breathe in and out thru the nose.
this meditation gives the mind a job to do, to focus on the intake and release of the breath.
to follow the breath with your attention, to tune into alll of the sensations of the breath moving into your body, and then following the breath as it leaves the body.
the mind will wander. but with love and gentle patience, continue to bring the mind back to the breath.

now, let us actively breathe on a 6 count inhale and an 8 count exhale.
please follow me:
and breathe in 2 3 4 5 6 and out 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
and in 2 3 4 5 6
and out 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
and in 2 3 4 5 6
and out 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
please continue this long inhale and longer exhale, as you tune into the feeling of the breath moving through your nostrils, down your throat, into the lungs, expanding your chest the diaphragm contracting, feel the pause before the exhale, and now feel the sensation of exhaling, the slow release of the lungs, the breath flowing out of the body thru the nose, release.
this is following the breath.
again, be gentle and patient with yourself and you practice this.

know that you can take 5 minutes out of your day, even multiple times a day, set a timer on your phone, and simply follow the breath, come to stillness, meditate.

take a deep breath, and as you exhale come back into your body… move your face, swallow a couple of times, wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and audibly exhale returning to this moment, awakening.
tune into the sounds around you, the hum of the refrigerator, traffic nearby, birds chirping.
take one more deep breath and as you exhale, gently open your eyes.

with gratitude i bid you brightest blessings on your journey.
blessed be.
Track Name: BONUS TRACK: Return to Me
the lighthouse calls
a sailboat home
with ebb and flow
the tide will know
the way o'er the sea
return to me

return to me
return to me

the lighthouse calls
a sailboat home
smile lights the core
of fireflies of yore
the way o'er the sea
return to me

return to me
return to me